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2d/3d Animation

Short animated videos are very helpful when it comes to explaining your business’s products or services considering it will grab your audience’s attention.

Art Direction

As we take pride in our attention to detail, we believe that the art direction (designing set construction, scenic work and graphics) and the role of a set decorator who is very important for video and content creation.

Green Screen Studio

Our green screen studio is at your disposal for your Filming and photography needs. The controlled environment provided by a green screen studio ensures that the filming process does not have to take into account external noise.


Post-production services are provided to emphasize the context within the end product, whether it is a video, image, or a mix of both. Sending the wrong message through poor post-production execution can have a negative effect on your overall business’s image.


It is important to understand the time required to complete that step of the overall project to ensure that you can perform within a timeline and budget. The planning also controls many of a project’s additional logistics, such as crew meals and post-production components.


Production refers to the tasks that must be done or performed while recording or shooting in digital video, photography, television and film. To mention a few of the many production duties, it involves tasks such as setting up sets, recording raw footage, and using set designs.

Script Writing

Script writing is the technical instructions of what you are seeing on screen. It includes dialogue, as well as actions for the characters and what the camera sees. Our scriptwriters write for film and now even online web series.


Since the dawn of humanity, creative visualization was the way people would communicate and explain ideas. Incorporating visualization techniques like video, diagrams, or animations to better communicate with your audience.

Why is video important?

Visual content encourages community-based ideas and social commentaries giving your business the ability to form lasting human connections with your customers; enabling you to share your experiences, story & vision. Leaving a mark on the sub-conscience of your targeted audience will help your recognition on a national & international level.

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Why choose us?

You’ve come to the right place if you need excellent production & post-production services! Our team is more than pleased to offer film and animation solutions to your business at a price/quality ratio which you won’t find anywhere else. You will become in possession of a key that will unlock the door between you and your audience. Brain Space is a creative agency in Jeddah, but we can produce videos that are capable of going viral internationally.

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